Keith Flint – Ant Ink Stamp Portrait

Every now and again I get an unexplainable inspiration to create.

It happened with this new artwork and it became the largest piece of art I have created to date.

Using the same ink stamp of an ‘ant’ that I had used on my previous Prodigy Ant Art triptych and a very large piece of paper it started…..

With a reference image of Keef from the Firestarter video shoot that had inspired my Keith Flint tribute chair I put ant stamp to paper.

I didn’t keep a log of the hours but it wasn’t about time, I was lost in this large scale project.

The feedback and reaction on completion was heart warming for me and I thank everyone who has sent their lovely comments.

The original will be framed in January 2021 by our good friend and ace framer Steve Baxter of Anything Framed and I am excited to see the end result.

Limited edition mounted prints are available here