Indian Ink / Pastel

‘In Anotha Life’ – Indian Ink and Pastel on Paper

Here is the poem that inspired my artwork… Titled ‘In Anotha Life’ and the first time that Barry’s work has been shared. I felt driven to create when I first read these powerful words that hit me hard.
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In Anotha Life

I don’t wanna smell anotha lift or walk in broken glass

I don’t wanna see anotha junkie or a pin

I don’t wanna see anotha fight or kick away a bloodied knife

I’m sick of watchin lives go in the bin

Don’t wanna hear anotha lie or hear a baby cry

Don’t wanna see a parent sell their child to fund supply

Don’t wanna wake up everyday with warfare on my mind

Or go to bed at night oblivious to my crimes

I’m yesterday’s solja come in from out the cold

by Barry (2007)

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